Saturday, 14 June 2008

The thing that always puts me off about blogs is the fear that it is just ranting at the gods from the darkness of the cosmic wardrobe.
What's the point?
Let's face it, I have nothing to say. I'm not crazy on the politics, high on environment or horned on some particular celebrity. In short, I fear I care about nothing thesedays but that's no bad thing because I'm currently very happy with my lot.
I love my girlfriend but I'd like more money. And there's the balance of life in glorious action.
At some point I suppose I should do something with my life and career and believe it or not, the setting up of blog feels to me like a step in the right direction.
Perhaps I will start writing for reasons other than work again. So here I go, separaing the jaw bones, inhaling, and readying my beige tongue/fingers for some light warm-up exercises. Occasionally I will post some of my reviews on here, loose pieces of writing, short stories, maybe even songs and poetry, I once even wrote an ode.
But I doubt it. If you happen to be reading this, first of all, tell me why you are reading it. Then just talk to me about the nothingness of life.
If this gets read by anyone I will eat someone else's hat. I don't have hat. They don't suit me.I go, hatless, into the breach ...

1 comment:

Carl said...

I'm not reading it.

I just skimmed it.

But it seems OK. Everyone needs somewhere to play outside work.