Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Co-Op: A club for fans of The Wire

Listen up,

If you are reading this I'm going to take the liberty of presuming you are a fan of The Wire.

There are few things I love more than talking about The Wire and I know I'm not alone in that - so here's the idea.

A Wire club. A bit like a book club. We meet up at a location in London, watch an episode, and then talk it out over a taste. I have lots of ideas about how to build this up going forward, and I'd like to get to the point where we can have enough people to get in guests, meeting in a real venue with a projector/cinema screen for viewing and a round table where we, the Co-Op, can parlez like Prop Joe would have wanted. I imagine that in the future it will look something like Comstat.

But what we need to begin with is a few people to kick things off.

I'm happy to hold the first one at my shop. To get involved you will need to email me ( and register your interest. I will likely ask you a couple of Wire-based questions to check out your validity - because I am inviting you into my house, after all.

For your info - so that you feel a little better about replying to a complete stranger and visiting their home - I am a journalist, a long-time fan, I've watched all five series four times, appeared on Richard and Judy as a Wire expert in 2009 and met Dominic West in the process. Your level of 'fandom' or depth of knowledge is irrelevant to me; I'm in this for the love of The Game, I hope you are too. I have trust in the quality of Wire fans, and think that this can work. Men and women, Po'leece and hoppers, all are welcome.

The date of the first meet is tentatively set for Tuesday, May 31 at 7.30pm - this is the day Wendell Pierce (The Bunk) has Tweeted that there will be a major announcement from the cast of the Wire - hopefully a new series or a film (fingers crossed).

That means we will have someone else who understands our excitement if either of those things prove to be the case.

So, it's on you now.

Who's up?

Gavin Allen
Det. Homicide
Bodymore, Murderland

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